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Monday, March 12, 2012

Engineering in Seattle

Credit: Me.
Things are heating up in Seattle.  eBay is expanding their offices from Redmond to include Seattle.   Ticketmaster is growing their outfit here.  Zygna has an office, Salesforce has an office, and there's a bevy of startups, including BigDoor which has some crazy smart people and Stripes39 who are looking for CEO material as part of an incubator.  Even some of our favorite VCs, like Madrona Venture Capital, are going great guns.

All of these companies bode well for our fair city.  And why would you move here, or stay here during the rainy season?

Reach out to the folks at these companies if you want to come to where the water tastes of caffeine and there's not state income tax. 

PS: people here can't drive.  Not like in Boston, where you fight to the death in the Octagon of the Big Dig, but more like, they stop dead in the middle of snowy hills and get deeply confused by four way intersections.  And make left hand turns at traffic circles!

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