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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to make one click social posting work!

Updated 03/12/2012 - I'm still fighting with these various social networks.  Twitter, despite its features, seems incapable of actually posting to my Facebook Page.  Therefore, I'm changing the direction and originating content on my Page, and having the Facebook Page post to Twitter with #in.  This, I hope, will work.  I updated the instructions below...


After two weeks of fighting with various social networks I have conquered the diaspora that is today's social ecosystem (modulo Google+, which doesn't yet import Tweets AFAIK).  If you too are trying to use social networks to drive awareness of your products, here's what you need to do.  It'll take some time to set up, but once it's going you'll have a low-overhead approach to social media.

1. Create a blog.  This is where your primary content will go.  You want a blog because you can create rich content with images, tags, searching, etc.  It's also easy for people to add your content to their readers, which they can't do with Facebook Pages.  Obviously I've done this -

2. Advertise your blog on your website.  This is self evident, I hope.

3. Create a twitter account.  This is where you'll originate your recommendations, not your content.  You're limited to 40 characters, but you can pitch your blogpost in 40 characters.  I'm @ShippingChris.  Watch out for "adult" spammers!  Yowsa.

4. Create a Facebook Page.  The Facebook page ( is all about interacting with your community.  Or so my pal James who works at Facebook tells me.

5. Create a LinkedIn profile.  You probably already have one of these, but make sure to add your blog and website to it.
Link up on Linked In.
6. Link your LinkedIn profile to Twitter and your Facebook Page to Twitter.  Don't link your Twitter account to Facebook within Twitter; AFAIK I can't get this to work properly

Apparently you can now link to Twitter- do this just for your Page.

7. When you make a new blogpost, post it to your Facebook page with hashtag "#in".  The process you want is, post to your Facebook page, which will add the post to your personal page and also upload it to twitter.  If you add the hashtag "#in" it should show up on Twitter.

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